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So, my 2010 has started out on the right foot. Well, technically it was my left foot, as I sleep on the left side of the bed. That’s right --- I’m a lefty. When I say lefty, I really mean it. I write with my left hand. To top it off, so does my husband. It’s not the reason we get along so well. It does help, we can sit at a table without bumping elbows. Of course, both our kids seem to be heading in the ‘right’ direction (pun intended). This leads me back to where I started --- 2010. 

I survived three days with no Pepsi. (Applause is welcome)

I started to read a new book. My Horizontal Life: A Collection of One-Night Stands by Chelsea Handler. So far, I’ve almost peed my pants twice. It’s a must read, if you want to shoot milk through your nose.

Book count for 2010 – one (working on number two)

Time management seems to be work. I’ve made time to write. My current project is at 12,000 words…WOOT! WOOT!

I’m on a good start to my resolutions. It actually seems easy…right now… I’ll keep you posted.

Have a great Monday!!!